5 Tips on How to Rent Room or Apartment

5 Things You Need to be Careful When Renting A Room or An Apartment

Hello Everyone! Good news! According to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, on 16th February 2020, case-15, a female from mainland China is fully recovered from Coronavirus at Hospital Permai, Johor Bahru. However, a new case-22, victim has been confirmed positive in Hospital Sungai Buloh.

At this point of time, we hope that everyone be careful and take precaution of individual hygiene. Apart from that, we hope you find the best suit room, which will be your home for the next one year. There are very important tips that you should know before making your final decision and proceed with signing the contract when looking for a room for rent in Malaysia.

room for rent tenancy agreement

1. Check whether the room are truly existing

Nowadays, scammers appear to be everywhere, especially online sites, such as Facebook. They even found a way to scam through property platforms. There are two various scam usually, which is scam through websites and direct contact. Direct contact scams done by a person asking you to send him/her the deposit to receive the keys and there are many reasons given when request to meet in person. Scams via websites are the cases where a proxy website is built with simplicity. Some websites will look very convincing but we can check the company existing through the address provided from websites contact page. 

First, they will be asking people to register and pay a fee to arrange a viewing then viewing will never be made. Tips to prevent fraud happen – before making any payment, we suggest that you should first check whether the room is real or not. We can easily search for the agency on Google. Remember to check the Facebook profile of the person from Facebook ads to make sure the room comes from a trustworthy agency or person. ASK FOR A VIEWING! In the event that the leaseholder denies your request to meet, there might be a problem with the house.

2. Choosing the perfect location

Nowadays, most people prefer convenience by choosing to live in a place that is nearby to work. This is one of the rooms renting advantages, saving cost of travel and flexibility especially when changing working location. 

For example, a working adult can prioritize time taken travel to work than the distance to shopping mall because travel to work will be your daily routine. For a student it will be the same concept, travel time to your school. Please make sure you can manage to walk every day to school if it will take 40 minutes walking. Checking nearby speed-mart and supermarkets for grocery will be another research need to be done, as well as the safety level of the area.

3. The rental budget-money

Money is another factor that is considered most besides location. After you find a room that suits your budget, remember to check whether the price inclusive of water, electricity and internet? Remember to check if it still fits in your budget if it includes additional fees like cleaning service, parking rental, fixing and others.

4.The exact room conditions

Let’s pretend that we have found a room on an online platform. The advertised picture looks awesome with a newly renovated bedroom, new furniture and facilities. Then you decide to sign the contract online and take the room. After you arrive, the whole scenario is different than the picture, turn out that the pictures were taken way back when it was just renovated. The room looks old with broken furniture and kitchen appliances. The sad thing is that you are unsatisfied with the conditions of the house but you can’t do anything since the contract already signed. This is a very common and popular scenario which many people have experienced.  

Book room viewing is very important. We very much encourage visit and have a look at the real room yourself, so you can make sure the room suits you and make a precise decision. Our agents are trained to inspect the condition of the rooms before signing an agreement with tenants. 


Some landlords have a bad reputation for treating customers, mainly students. If more serious, they will rip tenants off during staying or the most common case will be not return the deposit. Even happens to some agencies as well. Before deciding, we suggest you ask other fellow students who are living in the same area for their experiences. Well good things is an agency is easier to track while bad landlords are harder to define than an agency.

Thus, before signing the contract, you should read it carefully and ask for the conditions that are unsure to protect yourself. Different landlords will have different conditions for contract.

Any inquiry can email us here or visit our website at https://maxihomes.com.my/. Our team are ready to assist you. 


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